PUTTER PT6C / PT9C Stainless Steel Pneumatic Paint Sprayer With Air Consumption 300-1500L/Min

  • Brand Name:


  • Model Number:

    PT6C / PT9C

  • Pump Type:

    Pneumatic piston pump

  • Air consumption:


  • Air inlet pressure:


  • Max. free-flow output:


  • Pressure Ratio:



Putter PT6C and PT9C paint sprayers are best choice for zinc rich epoxy thick film coating, and also suitable for various steel automatic shot painting stream line and inorganic zinc.

Especially suitable for spraying for Steel structures, Boats and ships.

Automobiles, Trailers and Floor on ground.

Railway vehicles Geology industry and Aerospace and aviation industry.


  • Compared with electric pump, pneumatic pump save three fourths repair cost for you.
  • Highly abrasion-resistant piston pump.
  • Driven by compressed air, it is safe and explosion- proof.
  • High transfer efficiency for saving paint materials and being environmental-friendly.
  • Very low maintenance ratio.
  • Stable pressure with less pulsation to make for even coating and a perfect surface finishing.
  • Applying a new silencer.
  • Large output, long piston travel, slow reversing rate of drive system, there will be no sediment and hardened paints forming easily.
  • Main components of pump is specialized for the characteristics of inorganic zinc coating,  to protect against malfunctions and abrasions.
  • Compatible for two spray guns.
  • Portable for use.


Tech Data MODEL PT6C PT9C PT6528
Pressure Ratio 65:1 32:1 65:1
NO-load Displacement(L/min) 25 51 28
Compress Air(Mpa) 0.3~0.6 0.3~0.6 0.3~0.6
Air Consumption(L/min) 300~500 300~500 300~500
Meas 50×54×74 50×54×92 50×54×96
N.W/G.W 46/68 58/80 61/83
Technical Data (PT9c)
Pressure ratio 32:1
Max. free-flow output 51lpm
Air inlet pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa
Air consumption


Dimensions 50x54x92cm
G.W./N.W. 80/58kgs
Pump Type Pneumatic
Ideal Uses  Steel structures, C-shaped section steel, Boats and ships
 Storage tanks, Bridges, Water locks
 Floor on ground, Railway vehicles
 Automobiles ,Trailers,
 Containers, Pipelines,
Spray  Primers, High-viscosity epoxy zinc-rich coatings
 High-viscosity inorganic zinc coatings, Lacquers
 Oil-based paints, Enamels, Water-based paints
 Refractory paints, Other paints

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