PUTTER PT3K-8 China wholesale heavy-duty Putty Plaster airless sprayer piston pump for decoration

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Putter PT3K-8 paint sprayers are mainly used for spraying many materials such as Interior and exterior latex, Anti-rust coatings, Heavy-duty anticorrosion paintings, Marine paints, Lacquer for tiles, Epoxy zinc-rich paints, Refractory paints, Enamels, Putty, Varnishes, Stains.
suitable for spraying the Steel structures, Metal surfaces, Large architectural interior and exterior, Ships and boats, Tiles etc.

Equipped with delta connection frequency converter and Features as below:
1. Saves more than 50% power
2. Motor soft start and stop, stabilization, less impaction, NO temperature rise even after 8 hours working.
3. Motor speed adopts frequency conversion control according to the size of the tip & the viscosity of the paint.


  • Portable for flexible use anywhere.
  • Quicker and simpler maintenance and assembly.
  • This sprayer is durable and long lasting and with a long life motor.
  • With piston rod moving slowly, there will be no sediment and paints won’t harden.
  • Pressure is stable for a nice even coat.
  • Main components of pump is specialized for the characteristics of inorganic zinc coating to protect against malfunctions and abrasions.
  • Compared to the uneven coat created by a brush application, airless paint sprayer can save coating material by 20-30%.
  • Using a brush or roller application might seem cost-effective in the short-term, but in the
  • long-run labor can cost at least twice as much.


Technical Data (3K-8)
Tip Size 0.15mm-1.30mm (0.0059in.-0.052in.)
Max. Dispense Rate 8.0lpm (2.1gpm)
Max. Working Pressure 25Mpa (3626psi)
Horse Power 3000W
Power Requirements 380V/50Hz
Hose Length 15m (49.2ft)
Spray Fan 500mm (19.7in.)
Spray Gun to Surface 500mm-700mm (19.7in-27.6in.)
Weight 95/75kg
Pump Type Electric piston pump


Putter PT3K-8 is suitable for spraying steel structure, decoration and property maintenance. it can spray many application materials, such as plaster, texture and stain.


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