PUTTER PT1033 Enamel Multiple Gun Hydraulic Airless Sprayer For Putty Polyurethane Plastering

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    0.056in(one Gun)


PUTTER PT1033 Airless paint sprayer is a Heavy duty Hydraulic driven Piston Pump sprayer, which is powered by Petrol engine. Ideal for high viscosity materials, multiple gun need and working at heights. Sprays bituminous and fire retardant / fireproofing material, bitumen, epoxy, putty, Polyurethane Paint, gypsum,dry wall mud, white cement, all kinds of high viscosity materials or even 100% solid heavy material.


  • This powerful airless spray painting pump ideal for putty with large volume.
  • The pressure can be easily increased up to 250 bar for perfect matching.
  • The surfaces of cylinder and piston rod are coated with an extremely anti-abrasive layer, making them able to handle heavy-duty projects.
  • Our own improved bigger oil tank which contains of 15L hydraulic oil inside. The more oil inside,the less temperature machine is getting at, and less wearing for the spare parts.
  • Powerful high-performance pump – the power pack for large building projects and applying high viscosity materials.
  • This has advantage that the shovel piston has a distinctly longer and slower stroke than with direct drive electric pumps.


Power 13 HP
Pressure 280 bar
Max. output 15.1 lpm
Max Tip Size 0.056 in (1 gun)
Weight 168 kg
Pump Type Hydraulic
Name airless spray painting pump
Product Keywords Premier paint sprayer

Comparison with 3 type of power source.

MODEL PT1033(Honda Diesel Engine) PT1033(Honda Gasoline Engine) PT1033(Electric)
Power 16.5HP 13HP 7500W(380v)
Max Pressure 280BAR  280BAR  280BAR
Max.Output 20L/min  15.1L/min 15.1L/min
Max.Spray Tip 0.056in 0.056in 0.056in
Size 124×82×143CM  124×82×143CM  124×82×143CM
Weight 168KG 168KG 168KG

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