PUTTER PT2549 professional Pneumatic Airless paint sprayer for latex with high pressure large flow

  • Brand Name:


  • Model Number:


  • Pump Type:

    Pneumatic Airless Sprayers

  • Air consumption:

  • 100-1000lpm (26.4-264gpm)

  • Air inlet pressure:

    3-6bar (44-87psi)

  • Max. free-flow output:

    33.0lpm (8.7gpm)


Putter PT2549 is a Portable Pneumatic High Pressure Airless Paint Sprayer with CE Certificate. It is a versatile and high performance airless paint sprayer, ideal for the professional user.

The high pressure airless paint sprayer adopts microcomputer chip control, which is of high quality and stable operation. This series products feature for convenient to carry, smooth coating and easy to operate.

Putter PT280E DIY Electric Driven Piston Pump Paint Sprayer


  • Compared with electric pump, pneumatic pump save three fourths repair cost for you.
  • Highly abrasion-resistant piston pump.
  • Driven by compressed air, it is safe and explosion- proof.
  • High transfer efficiency for saving paint materials and being environmental-friendly.
  • Very low maintenance ratio.
  • Stable pressure with less pulsation to make for even coating and a perfect surface finishing.
  • Applying a new silencer.
  • Large output, long piston travel, slow reversing rate of drive system, there will be no sediment and hardened paints forming easily.
  • Main components of pump is specialized for the characteristics of inorganic zinc coating to protect against malfunctions and abrasions.
  • Compatible for two spray guns.
  • Portable for use.


Pressure ratio 49:1
Max. free-flow output 33.0lpm (8.7gpm)
Air inlet pressure 3-6bar (44-87psi)
Air consumption 100-1000lpm (26.4-264gpm)
Diameter of air cylinder 250mm (9.84in.)
Dimensions 520*580*960mm (1.7*1.9*3.15ft)
N.W. 65kg
Pump Type Pneumatic piston pump


Putter PT2549 is suitable for painting the fence staining, wall ceiling, residential exterior wall and property maintenance. it can spray many application materials, such as Propylene resin, latex and stain.

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