DP-430 Texture plaster sprayer, Plaster Spray System

DP-430 putty plaster sprayer Texture Sprayer (1.8kw, 12 litres per minute )

DP-430 plaster spray system  (1.8kw, 12 litres per minute )

The DP-430 plaster /putty sprayer provides indoor and outdoor application of textured plasters and decorative finishing materials. It has an automatic stator extraction, adjustable height through the gas spring and is unique as materials can be taken directly from the original container. It can be easily dismantled and transported owing to to its compact dimensions.

Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Motor output: 1,8 kW
Max. pressure: 40 bar
Max. delivery rate: 12 litres per minute
Max. delivery radius: 30 m
Delivery head: 20 m
Hose length:10 m
Weight: 38 kg
Max. grain size: 3 mm
1) The material can be taken directly out of the original container.
2) User friendly details such as the automatic stator extraction and the vertical height adjustment using a gas spring, ease the work for the operator.
3) Easy to transport and perfect for use in the small property range.
4) Suction system provides excellent suction of the material from the container.
5) The integrated gas spring allows a vertical height adjustment. Practical for changing the container and for cleaning.

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