DP-6890 Heavy duty Airless electric diaphragm equipment (3HP 10L/MIN)

DP-6890 Heavy duty Airless electric diaphragm equipment (3HP 10L/MIN)

DP-6890 Heavy duty Airless electric diaphragm equipment (3HP 10L/MIN)

DP-6890  Airless electric diaphragm equipment is perfect for medium and large residential, commercial and industrial applications where speed and power are necessary to get the job done faster and with greater efficiency.

Technical data
Voltage 220~230 VAC – 50 Hz
Motor power 3hp 2,2 Kw
Powerful Induction motor (brushless)
Max. pressure 220 bar
Max. delivery 10 l/m
Max. nozzle size 1 Gun 0 , 035″
2 Guns 0 , 025″

Dispersions, solvent and water based varnish and paint
Emaille, emulsions, acrylic paints
Light epoxy resind
Bitominous medias
Light sealing materials

The unique advantages of airless sprayer diaphragm pumps, such as totally adjustable pressure from 0 to 3000 psi, the ability to use longer hose lengths, light weight, portability and ease of maintenance, are sought-after features for many painting professionals.

DP-6890 paint spray pump with diaphragm pump_1
















front pump p of airless paint spray machine (2)
















airless sprayer with powrful induction motor_1














handle of professional airless sprayer _1


DP-637GIV Intake Valve Seat Kit for Ultra 395/495/595, Ultra Max II


#246429 Inlet valve seat kit for Ultra 395, 495, 595

DP-637GIV intake valve seat kit fits several current and older Grac pumps

Part #246429 Inlet valve seat kit for several models, including: 390, Ultra 395 / 495 / 595, Ultra Max II 490 / 495 / 595, Finish Pro 390 / 395, and old machine: Ultra Max 695, St-pro, STX, 295st, Nova 390, Ultimate NOVA 395, Ultimate SuperNova 495, GMax 3400 and Line Lazer 3400.


DP-637PR Pump piston rod for Ultra 395/495/595


#249125 piston rod for Ultra 395 / 495 / 595

#249125 piston rod (chrome) with #239937 piston seat

Fits: several current and older american grac pumps

Approximate rod length: 4 3/4 inches

#246125 pump rod fits several pumps, including 390, Ultra 395/495/595, Ultra Max II 490/495/595, Finish Pro 390/395. Older units: Ultra Max 695, St-Pro, STX, 295st, Nova 390, Ultimate NOVA 395, Ultimate SuperNova 495, GMax  3400 and LineLazer 3400.


DP-637GPC Cylinder with sleeve for Ultra Max 695


#243177 Cylinder with sleeve for Ultra Max 695

Cylinder with Sleeve

Fits: Graco Ultra Max 695

Total length of sleeve is 3.0 inches

#243177 pump cylinder w/sleeve for several Grac models, including: Ultra Max 695, Older 2000.


DP-430 Texture plaster sprayer, Plaster Spray System

DP-430 putty plaster sprayer Texture Sprayer (1.8kw, 12 litres per minute )

DP-430 plaster spray system  (1.8kw, 12 litres per minute )

The DP-430 plaster /putty sprayer provides indoor and outdoor application of textured plasters and decorative finishing materials. It has an automatic stator extraction, adjustable height through the gas spring and is unique as materials can be taken directly from the original container. It can be easily dismantled and transported owing to to its compact dimensions.

Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Motor output: 1,8 kW
Max. pressure: 40 bar
Max. delivery rate: 12 litres per minute
Max. delivery radius: 30 m
Delivery head: 20 m
Hose length:10 m
Weight: 38 kg
Max. grain size: 3 mm
1) The material can be taken directly out of the original container.
2) User friendly details such as the automatic stator extraction and the vertical height adjustment using a gas spring, ease the work for the operator.
3) Easy to transport and perfect for use in the small property range.
4) Suction system provides excellent suction of the material from the container.
5) The integrated gas spring allows a vertical height adjustment. Practical for changing the container and for cleaning.


RAM-Mounted Airless Spray Pump
































Model  xPro – 551  xPro – 551(P)  xPro – 401  xPro – 401(P) xPro – 201
 FLUID PRESSURE RATIO |  55 : 1 |  40 :1 | 20 : 1
 OUTPUT(GPM) |  2 – 1/2GMP |  1 – 7/16GMP |  2 – 1/2GMP | 4.5 (1- 1/8) GMP
 MAX.DISCHARGEPRESSURE |  4,950psi |  5,500psi |  4,000psi |  4,000psi |  2,000psi
 AIR PRESSURE RANGE |  40~90psi |  40~100psi |  40~100psi | 40~100psi
|  50 |  60 |  60 | 60
 STROKE (mm) |  120mm |  120mm |  100mm
 DIMENSION(cm) |  120 x 75 x 160 |  60 x 40 x 145 |  76 x 752 x 140 |  60 x 40 x 145 |  60 x 40x 130
 CONTAINER SIZE (gal) |  55gal |  5.5gal |  5.5gal |  5.5gal |  5.5gal


DP-637GPC Pump cylinder with sleeve


235708 pump cylinder for 450st

235708 pump cylinder with sleeve

Fits: 190es and older models

Total length: 3-5/8inches

Cylinder 235708 with sleeve is for several  models: 190es, ST, 395ST, 455ST, 495ST, 450ST, 490ST, Ultra 600, LineLazer 300 and GM300 paint sprayers.


DP-637GPS Pump sleeve for Ultra Max II1095


248210 Sleeve Ultra Max 1595

248210 Pump sleeve

Total length: 4-1/2 inches

Outside diameter: 1-3/8 inches


Part 248210 pump sleeve is for Ultra Max II 1095 / 1595, TexSpray Mark V, TexSpray 5900 HD, Ultra Max 1595, GMax II 5900, GH 130, GMax 5900 / 10000, LineLazer 5900 and LineLazer 130HS.




DP-6555 electric piston pump airless sprayer is designed specifically for professional painting contractors . To meet the professionals demand, all aspects of the machine are designed for convenience and speed of maintenance and cleaning.

Voltage: 100-120V 50-60Hz, 220-240V 50-60Hz
Motor: 1500W Brushless DC Motor
(With Overload Protection )
Max Pressure 227 bar
Max Flow 5.5 l/min
Max Tip Size 0.035in.
Net Weight 66 kg
Gross Weight 83kgs

Applications: Release agents & oils, Oil/solvent based paints, Primers, Emulsions, Acrylics, Latex paints, Enamels, Lacquers, Varnish, Elastomerics, Intumescents, Spray joint fillers, Spray plasters, Bituminous coatings, Anti-corrosive agents, Two-pack coatings, Cladding paints, Timber stains & preservatives.

Digital pressure display with easy to use controls;
Externally adjustable packings.
Triple filtering system.
Integral toolbox.
1,500 watt DC brushless motor.
‘No Tools’ removal of wet paint end.


DP-440ix Semi-professional Electric Airless Sprayer

DP-440ix Semi-professional Electric Airless Sprayer

DP-440ix Semi-professional Electric Airless Sprayer

DP-440ix Electric Airless Sprayer is ideally suited for residential, propertymaintenance and small commercial applications. This high performance electric airless sprayer will apply all standard architectural primer and paint coatings quickly, easily and efficiently.

Motor 7/8 hp DCX Motor
Max. Operating Pressure 3300 PSI
Max. Delivery .54 GPM
Max. Tip Size .023″
Weight (skid frame) 48 lbs.
(high rider) 59 lbs.
(low rider) 59 lbs.

• Quad+ Packings – designed to wipe abrasive coatings clean during operation, preventing damage to the piston or the main sealing lip
• AutoOiler – with the push of a button you can deliver oil from the reservoir directly to the packings
• Digital Pressure Control and Integrated Digital Display (available on selected units)
• Durable Life brushless HE motor (available on selected units)
• Easy clean-up and faster pail changes (available on selected units)