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Airless piston pump or Airless diaphragm pump

How to make a choice between Airless piston pump and Airless diaphragm pump? below are some advantages and disadvantages for your reference. Advantages Disadvantages Diaphragm Pump Spraying • Good, tight pressure control across a full range of pressures • High free-flow rates, good for high-volume transfer of fluids for texture applications, water, and so forth • Lower initial purchase price Runs continuously Higher maintenance costs Difficult to prime Cavitates easily-air is introduced into the system possibly causing erratic flow or spitting. This usually is because the pump isn’t strong enough to move the coating material. Poor performance with higher viscosity fluids as mentioned above Must be kept clean (small moving parts) Requires constant maintenance Hydraulic oil leakage Frequent diaphragm failure Piston […]


DP-6890 Heavy duty Airless electric diaphragm equipment (3HP 10L/MIN)

DP-6890 Heavy duty Airless electric diaphragm equipment (3HP 10L/MIN) DP-6890  Airless electric diaphragm equipment is perfect for medium and large residential, commercial and industrial applications where speed and power are necessary to get the job done faster and with greater efficiency. Technical data Voltage 220~230 VAC – 50 Hz Motor power 3hp 2,2 Kw Powerful […]


DP-637PR Pump piston rod for Ultra 395/495/595

#249125 piston rod for Ultra 395 / 495 / 595 #249125 piston rod (chrome) with #239937 piston seat Fits: several current and older american grac pumps Approximate rod length: 4 3/4 inches #246125 pump rod fits several pumps, including 390, Ultra 395/495/595, Ultra Max II 490/495/595, Finish Pro 390/395. Older units: Ultra Max 695, St-Pro, STX, […]


DP-430 Texture plaster sprayer, Plaster Spray System

DP-430 plaster spray system  (1.8kw, 12 litres per minute ) The DP-430 plaster /putty sprayer provides indoor and outdoor application of textured plasters and decorative finishing materials. It has an automatic stator extraction, adjustable height through the gas spring and is unique as materials can be taken directly from the original container. It can be […]